Is the Cryotherapy Machine Cost Worth It? Pro Athletes Say Yes

Lately, many businesses and organizations are thinking about purchasing a cryotherapy machine for sale. Several articles and a wide range of consumers have proclaimed the considerable benefits of cryotherapy, including:

• Increased Energy and Metabolism
• Improved Recovery Time from Injuries
• More Effective Treatment of Physical and Mental Disorders

Still, a cryotherapy machine is a considerable investment. It is important to know that the results of cryotherapy justify the cryo chamber cost. Here is what some prominent cryotherapy users have to say.

The Kansas City Royals

After winning the World Series in 2015, the Kansas City Royals decided to invest in cryotherapy machines. Head Athletic Trainer Nick Kenney said this about the decision:

“One of the reasons why we went with cryotherapy was because we obviously had a belief in the benefits of cold water immersion. We’re a big contrast team; we love the power of water.

“But you have to have options for your athletes. Not all of our athletes…

The Impact of a Cryo Machine on a User’s Physical and Mental Health

Cryotherapy machines have become increasingly popular in recent years. This is because average consumers and organizations have begun recognizing the impact that they can have on a person’s physical and mental well-being. Cryotherapy users have found that cryo machines not only help boost someone’s mood and energy level but can aid in the treatment of skin disorders and muscle injuries.

How Cryotherapy Machines Work

When people step into a whole-body cryotherapy chamber, it fills with nitrogen vapor, which drops its temperature down to a range of -130°F (-90°C) and -184°F (-120°C). Sessions inside a cryo machine are monitored and only last about three minutes.

Why Use a Cryo Machine?

As cryotherapy machines have become more widespread, several press outlets have examined the potential benefits of using them.

For example, U.S. News and World Report published a story in January 2016 titled “Should You Try Whole Body Cryotherapy?” The piece centers on Leasha West, a former Marine and combat i…

What to Look for in a Cryotherapy Chamber Manufacturer

Companies and organizations that want to buy cryotherapy chamber or “cryosauna” need to do some careful planning and research. Here is a short checklist of things to consider when looking for a cryotherapy supplier to partner with.

1. Quality of Cryotherapy Equipment

First and foremost, organizations should choose a cryotherapy chamber manufacturer on the basis of the equipment that they offer.

One way that consumers can assess the quality of a manufacturer’s chambers by doing some research on its past clients. For example, the best cryosauna manufacturers might work with:

• Professional Sports Teams
• Luxury Spas
• Cryotherapy Franchises

2. Installation Assistance

The best cryotherapy chamber manufacturer will do more than provide a client with top-flight equipment. It will also help its clients install the cryotherapy chambers as well. A leading manufacturer might have a dedicated team that works with clients to:

• Clear out space and prepare it for cryotherapy chambers
• Ensure that there is…

Why Add Cryosaunas or Cryotherapy to a Business?

According to cryotherapy users, whole body cryotherapy equipment can provide a number of impressive physical and emotional benefits to consumers. These include:
· Reduced Inflammation · Pain Relief · Firmer Skin and Fewer Wrinkles · Boosted Metabolism · Increased Energy
Thanks to the wide range of benefits that cryotherapy offers, many types of businesses and organizations have begun investing in cryotherapy equipment. By working with the right manufacturer, these clients can get the most from their devices.

Who Could Benefit from Cryotherapy Equipment?
A cryotherapy machine might be a smart investment for such people and organizations as:
With cryotherapy making headway in the mainstream, it makes sense that people looking to start their own businesses would invest in a cryotherapy machine. Entrepreneurs in cryotherapy have expressed amazement at the reaction they have received from consumers ranging from adolescents to seniors.
Physical Therapy Practices
Physical therapists have a…

Realize the Full Potential of a Cryotherapy Franchise

In recent years, whole-body cryotherapy has become increasingly popular among athletes, celebrities and average consumers. A series of simple three-minute sessions in a cryotherapy machine can give someone a variety of wellness benefits.

Although cryotherapy equipment has been used to treat conditions like arthritis for decades in Japan and Europe, it is only beginning to catch on in the US. This is thanks in part to high-profile figures like Jennifer Aniston, Lebron James, Tony Robbins and Kate Moss using cryosaunas. As cryotherapy continues to enter the mainstream, the more business opportunities will arise.

Astute entrepreneurs and managers have begun to see the advantages of adding cryotherapy units to their businesses or organizations. This group includes:

Physical Therapists
Massage Therapists and Spa Owners
Gyms and Fitness Facilities
Sports Teams

A cryotherapy business or cryotherapy franchise has the potential to generate substantial revenue. In 2016, The Huff…

What is Cryotherapy and Why is It So Great?

Spending a couple of minutes in a cryotherapy machine may not seem like a big deal. However, doing it on a regular basis can have some wonderful results.

In a way, cryotherapy is quite an old practice. In fact, anyone who has ever put ice on a sprained ankle or had liquid nitrogen applied to a wart has undergone a form of it. However, whole body cryotherapy has gained more and more mainstream attention as of late. This is partially thanks to prominent sports teams and celebrities like Jessica Alba and Demi Moore acknowledging and praising the practice.

What is so special about whole body cryotherapy? Here are a description of the process and its potential benefits.

What is Whole-Body Cryotherapy?

Whole-body cryotherapy (sometimes referred to as “WBC” for short) involves the use of a cryotherapy chamber or cryosauna. These units typically come up to a person’s shoulders and fill with nitrogen vapor, which lowers the temperature inside the chamber to well below -100°F (-37.78°C). A session …

3 Things Which Every Cryotherapy Business Owner Must Do

Although cryotherapy is becoming more popular day by day, starting out in the industry or integrating it into an existing business can be challenging.

Cryotherapy equipment has wonderful benefits for the well-being of both customers and businesses. Just a few minutes in a cryosauna can help make someone healthier. Once customers wrap their heads around facts like these, a company can be on track for building a loyal customer base.

With that in mind, here are 3 key things to do after you buy a cryo machine.

1. Educate the Customer

Cryotherapy is still a relatively new concept to most consumers. Therefore, owners should offer consumers information about what it entails.

When consumers hear terms like “cyrosauna” or “cryotherapy chamber,” they might think of something from a 1960s sci-fi movie.

Before businesses can sell cryotherapy services, they must address any customer misconceptions. Business owners need to educate customers on the benefits ofstepping into a cryotherapy unit.

2. Provide Ac…